Growth Mindset Example: Chinese Bamboo [Video]

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As a student, there is lot to learn from the Chinese bamboo.

As a beginner, when you shoot basketballs to the hoop, solve calculus problems, or perform in front of an audience, you typically meet with disappointment. Progress, often, is slow and tortuous. And failures, common.

During this phase, many wonder, “How come others do the same things so effortlessly?”

Let’s see what Chinese bamboo teaches us in this regard. (Duration of the video: 2:09 minutes)

When you see others doing things – where you’re struggling – effortlessly, you see the period in their progress after those five years and six weeks, something similar to the Chinese bamboo. What most fail to appreciate, however, is five years of drudgery by the farmer despite no apparent result, and without those five years, those six weeks would’ve never come.

Frustrated with lack of progress, most give up much, much before five years, and they don’t progress.

Take Action

Many of your pursuits, especially when you’re learning new things, will be similar to the lifecycle of Chinese bamboo. So, keep faith. Keep watering them. Be patient. And you too will have your Chinese bamboo moment.

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